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NASA's Perseverance robot has landed on Mars

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Exxelia's components onboard Rover Perseverance

After the InSight probe that landed on the Red Planet on November 26, 2018 with our film capacitors onboard, it is with the Perseverance robot that Exxelia proudly makes its return to Mars!

At the end of a seven-month journey, NASA's Perseverance robot has landed on Mars yesterday at 3:55 pm EST. The mission's objective is to search for traces of ancient primitive life on the Red Planet. The robot is equipped with several measuring and sampling instruments, including SuperCam, MEDA and PIXL served by our components: 

  • Transformers and Inductors : SESI, CMC and MPCI series
  • Film capacitors PM94 series
  • Tantalum capacitors CTC21 series
  • Ohmcraft resistors HVD, HVR and CN series

The main objective of SuperCam is to characterize the rocks present on Martian soil. The instrument can perform remote analyzes thanks to its laser and its spectometers, without waiting for the samples to return to earth, all with the aim of detecting any traces of primitive life.

The Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer, known as MEDA, makes weather measurements including wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity. It also measures the amount and size of dust particles in the Martian atmosphere.

PIXL is an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer that provides fine-scale detection and analysis of chemical elements within the rocks and soil.

Published on 19 Feb 2021 by Rebecca Charles


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